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On the Way to the Airport (8) 말을 말자

#Drama Lines l 2021-10-18


진석: 난 세상에서 송미진이 제일 편해.

우리 엄마만큼 날 속속들이 아는 게 너야.

넌 왜 나랑 편하게 못 지는데?

아쉬우면 나 만나. 할 일 없으면 나 부르고. 

Jin-suk: I think you’re the most comfortable person in the world. 

You’re the one that knows me in and out like my mom. 

Why can’t you be comfortable with me?

If you feel like you’re lacking something, you can date me. If you don’t have anything to do, call me.

미진: 말을 말자.

Mi-jin: Forget it.

Expression of the Week

말을 말자 (Forget it)

말다 – v. to stop; choose not to; to not do a certain work or behavior, or stop doing it

Casual – 내가 언제

>> This expression is used when the hearer is flabbergasted by what the speaker has said and does not feel the need to respond. It is used when the hearer feels that what was said is so ridiculous that it not worth responding back to. 

>>The expression is an abbreviated version of “말을 하지 말자” and the verb “하다 (to do)” has been omitted. 

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