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Police University (3) 어떻게 그래

#Drama Lines l 2022-03-14


강선호: 왜 기다렸어. 먼저 들어가 자지.

Seon-ho: Why did you wait up? You should have gone to bed. 

노범태: 어떻게 그래. 그 얘길 듣고.

Beom-tae: How could I? After hearing that? 

강선호: 뭘 들어?

Seon-ho: Hearing what?

노범태: 아, 다는 아니고 니가 우리 자치대 1등 해보겠다고 한 거.

Beom-tae: Well, not everything, but that you wanted to make our station place 1st place. 

Expression of the Week

어떻게 그래. (How could I)

그래 – an abbreviated word for ‘그리하다’ 

Casual – 얼굴 좀 보자

>>This expression is used by a speaker to express that he or she could not take up an offer in a given situation.

>>’어떻게’ is being used as a rhetorical interrogative and emphasizes something that ‘never can.’ 

>>In other words, Beom-tae is telling Seon-ho that he could never have gone to bed after hearing what Seon-ho said earlier about making their station the best.  

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