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Police University (4) 말 바꾸기 없다

#Drama Lines l 2022-03-21


오강희: 혼자 김칫국 마신 거는 정식 입학하면 그때 사과할게. 

Kang-hui: I’ll apologize for getting ahead of myself when we formally enter school.

강선호: 나도 그게 누군지 정식 입학하면 그때 말할게. 

Seon-ho: I’ll also say who it is when we formally enter school. 

오강희: 야, 너 말 바꾸기 없다. 

Kang-hui: Hey, you can’t go back on what you said. 

그럼 나도 이제 너네 자치대 응원해야겠다.

I’m going to root for your station from now on.

Expression of the Week

말 바꾸기 없다. (can’t go back on what you said) 

말 – words

바꾸다 – to change

-기 – an ending of a word used to make the preceding word function as a noun 

Casual – 얼굴 좀 보자

>> This expression is used to tell the other party that they cannot go back on their word on a promise or what they said. 

>>Another way the expression “말 바꾸기” is used in Korean is “말 뒤집기” which literally means to “flip one’s words.” The expression is yet another way to say “to go back on one’s words” to describe a situation where a person told a story differently when they felt what they said can be used against them or puts them in an unfavorable situation. 

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