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Red Shoes (11) 말 좀 가려서 해요

#Drama Lines l 2022-08-15


희경: 뭐래요, 그 인간이? 

Hee-kyung: What did that jerk say?

수연: 말 좀 가려서 해요! 아무리 그래도 내 남자친군데. 

Soo-yeon: Watch what you say! He’s still my boyfriend. 

희경: 남자친구? 고작 그런 사람 사귈려고 

Hee-kyung: 지금까지 그 많은 혼처를 마다한 거예요? 

Boyfriend? You turned down all of those suitable marriage candidates for that?  

Expression of the Week

말 좀 가려서 해요! (Watch what you say!)

가리다 - distinguish; discriminate; to sort out or divide things according to a certain standard such as right or wrong, good or bad, etc.

Casual – 아무거나

Semi-polite – 아무거나요

>> This expression is used by a speaker to express a feeling of displeasure when the other person says something inappropriate or makes a rude remark that is out of line.

>>Hee-kyung uses “인간” which literally means “human” to refer to Soo-yeon’s boyfriend to blatantly show that she does not approve of him and thinks lowly of him. 

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