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Three Bold Siblings (8) 보는 눈이 있어


태주: 넌 나이도 몰랐니?
You didn’t know his age?
소림: 사귀는 사이 아니었다니까. 나 혼자 관심 있었던 거지.
We weren’t dating. I was the only one interested. 
태주: 그렇게까지 차이나 보이진 않았는데.
It didn’t seem like you’d be so far apart in age. 
소림: 동안이지?
He’s pretty young looking, right?
태주: 뭐하는 사람이야?
What does he do?
소림: 건실한 직장인이야.
He’s a diligent office worker.
태주: 인상은 조남수보다 백배 낫다.
His first impression is much better than Jo Nam-soo’s.
건우: 그건 그렇긴 해.
That’s very true.
소림: 그치? 역시 언니가 사람 보는 눈이 있어
Right? Tae-joo has a good eye for people.

Expression of the Week
보는 눈이 있어.  (to have a good eye)

보다 [v] think of; see; regard; consider; To evaluate or assess.
눈 [n] judgment; The ability to judge by seeing an object.
polite, semi-polite – 보는 눈이 있어요.

>> This expression is used to say that one has the ability to evaluate things such as people or work.
>>’보다’ has many meanings, with the most common being ‘to see’, but here it means to evaluate or assess something
>>’눈’ also has many meanings, with the most common being ‘eye’, but here it means judgment, or the ability to judge and evaluate something
>>The expression can also be used in the opposite meaning “보는 눈이 없다” which means someone lacks good judgment.

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