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Three Bold Siblings (9) 콩깍지가 끼셨네요


현정: 저도 그랬었는데요, 아버님 아들 김건우 때문에 바뀌더라고요.
I thought so, too. But, it changed after I met your son, Gun-woo.
행복: 그래도 노력 안 해도 돼요. 그냥 편하게 편하게 지내. 그래야 서로 좋지.
You don’t need to work so hard. Just be at ease. That’s the best for everyone.
현정: 지금은 저도 눈에 콩깍지 구간이라 이렇게 같이 있고 싶어요.
Well, I’m currently smitten so I want to stay together like this.
정숙: 콩깍지가 단단히 끼셨네요
You’re completely blinded by love.
현정: 그러니까요 어머니. 내일 안과라도 좀 가 봐야 될까 봐요.
You’re right. I think I might have to see the eye doctor tomorrow. 

Expression of the Week
콩깍지가 끼셨네요. (You’re blinded by love)

콩깍지 [n.] hull, bean pod; The covering that is left after the beans are taken out
informal/casual – 콩깍지가 꼈네

>> This expression is used when you like someone or something so much that you don't care about that person's weaknesses or bad points.
>> The original expression is “눈에 콩깍지가 씌셨네요” as in the bean pod or hull is covering one’s eyes so that they have been blinded by someone or something that they love. 

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