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Three Bold Siblings (10) 뒤끝이 있네


정숙: 미안하다, 지우야. 상처 받았었지? 
I’m sorry, Ji-woo. Were you hurt?
행복: 지우야, 마음 안 풀리면 사과 안 받아줘도 돼. 오늘은 그냥 따뜻한 밥이나 한술 뜨고 가.
Ji-woo, if you can’t get over it, you don’t have to accept the apology. Just have a warm meal today.
태주: 그래, 지우야. 아직 사과 받아주지 마. 킵해 놔. 
Yes, Ji-woo. Don’t accept the apology yet. You should just remember it.
말순: 아니, 사과하랄 땐 언제고, 받아주지 말란 건 또 뭐야. 
They were telling me to apologize and now they’re saying not to accept it?
지우: 저 진짜 괜찮습니다. 아무렇지도... 않진 않아요. 
I’m really okay. I’m… not fine. 
상준: 우리 지우가 뒤끝이 있네. 들어가자. 
Our Ji-woo can hold a grudge. Let’s go inside.  

Expression of the Week
뒤끝이 있네. (can hold a grudge)

뒤끝 [n]  grudge; resentment; Hard feelings that still remain after a certain affair has been wrapped up.

>> This expression is used to indicate that when something unpleasant has happened, such as hearing something unpleasant, you still have that bad feeling even after it has passed, or you express that feeling in words.
>> The opposite expression “뒤끝이 없다” can also be used to mean someone does not hold a grudge. 

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