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Three Bold Siblings (11) 폐 많이 끼쳤어요


상준: 아, 형, 이쪽은 처제의..... 아니, 지금은 깊은 코스메틱 대표라고 소개하는 게 더 좋겠다. 
Ah, this is… I guess it would be better to introduce him as the CEO of Gipeun Cosmetics. 
무영: 처음 뵙겠습니다. 신무영입니다. 
Nice to meet you. I’m Shin Mu-young. 
승구: 만나 봬서 반갑습니다. 저희 회사에 느낌 좋은 배우들 많습니다. 
Nice to meet you. We have a lot of good actors at our company.
무영: 아, 예, 기억해 두겠습니다. 전 이만 가보겠습니다. 오늘 폐 많이 끼쳤어요
Yes, I’ll keep that in mind. I better be on my way. I’ve caused a lot of trouble today. 
태주: 무슨 말씀을요. 또 봬요. 
No, not at all. See you again.
무영: 네.
See you soon. 
건우: 누나 우리도 갈게.  
We’ll be off, too. 

Expression of the Week
페 많이 끼쳤어요 (caused a lot of trouble)
폐 - n. An act of causing damage to someone or bothering someone.
끼치다 - v. To cause harm to another person or something or make others worried.

informal/casual – 폐 많이 끼쳤어  

>> This expression is used to express gratitude when saying goodbye after visiting someone else's home or workplace and receiving help or advice from them.
>>It can be used when the speaker has received help, but it can also be used as an expression of greeting or thanks after finishing a job or work.

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