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Three Bold Siblings (12) 헛바람이 든 거야


은주: 어머니, 그렇게 말씀하시면 안 되죠. 
You shouldn’t say that. 
영식모: 내가 틀린 말 했니? 얘 아버지가 문제야. 웬만큼 그리는 걸, 무슨 천재가 나타난 것처럼 아주 칭찬을 하고 난리를 쳤다니까. 그래서 영식이가 헛바람이 든 거야.
I didn’t say anything wrong. His dad’s the problem. He was just okay, but he complimented him as if he was a genius. That’s why Young-sik got so carried away.
은주: 그건 어머니께서 잘못 알고 계시는 거예요. 
I think you’re mistaken about that. 

Expression of the Week
헛바람이 든거야 (get carried away)

헛바람 [n] hot air, false hope; (figurative) A mind that is carried away by an unrealistic and nonsensical event.
들다 [v] come in; get in; enter
informal/casual – 헛바람이 들었어요

>> This expression is used to indicate that the mind is filled with absurd ideas or thoughts. It’s used to express concern that the hearer seems to be living on a cloud, preoccupied with something that has no substance. 
>>”헛” from “헛바람” is added in front of some nouns to add the meaning of “useless” or “without value or substance”

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