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Three Bold Siblings (13) 면목 없습니다


소림: 그만해, 엄마. 
Stop it, Mom. 
정숙: 뭘 그만해! 
Stop what! 
말순: 딸도 같이 와서 무릎을 꿇었다던데. 그 나이 먹었으면 자기 주관이 있어야 되는 거 아니에요? 두 모녀 때문에 그날 내 아들 명을 달리할 뻔했어요. 
I heard your daughter also came and got down on your knees. At your age, shouldn’t you have your own principles? Because of you two, my son could have died that day! 
무영: 면목 없습니다. 그저 죄송할 따름입니다. 
We are ashamed to face you. We are sorry.  
정숙: 죄송하다는 말밖에는 할 말이 없어요?    
Is ‘sorry’ all you can say?

Expression of the Week
면목 없습니다 (We are ashamed to face you)

면목 [n] A state of mind or position to deal with others without the sting of embarrassment.
informal/casual – 면목없어 

>> This expression is used when a person is so ashamed and sorry for something they said or did to another person that they do not have the courage to face the other person.
>>It is used when the speaker is feeling sorry to the extent that they are embarrassed to show their face because they have caused trouble to the hearer. It is often regardless of whether it is their own mistake or fault, or even the mistake of someone related to them. 

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