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<U.S. conclusion on North Korea's missile capability>
Security Threat to Neighboring Nations - Nations falling within range of North Korea’s missiles, such as Northeast and Southeast Asian nations (especially Japan), as well as China and Russia, perceive North Korea’s missiles as a major threat. With the recent confirmation of the existence of the ‘Taepodong’ missiles, a direct and more serious threat to the U.S. has also emerged.
Arms Race in Northeast Asia ?Such security threats could give rise to an arms race in Northeast Asia. Already, Japan is actively adopting the TMD (Theatre Missile Defense) system in cooperation with the U.S. This could lead to increased military expenditures by China, which might then prompt Russia and Taiwan to take similar measures, eventually resulting in an arms race domino effect. It is only natural that North and South Korea would be caught up in such an arms race as well.
Proliferation of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) due to Exported North Korea Missiles ? For its prime source of foreign currency, North Korea relies on exporting missile bodies, parts, and related technologies for a variety of missiles ranging from Scuds to the ‘Rodong’ series. Buyer nations are usually located in the Middle East and Africa. However, as is the case in Northeast Asia, such nations that purchase missiles from North Korea could very likely spark a regional arms race with neighboring states.
North Korea and U.S. Objectives in the Development and Deterrence of Missiles

Apparently, North Korea’s persistence in its development of missiles stems from its hope to secure political stability and economic interests. Amid international concern, North Korea-U.S. talks on the missiles have taken place intermittently up to the present day.
Perspective and Objectives
U.S. Deter North Korea from developing and testing missiles
Deter North Korea from developing and deploying IRBMs
Deter North Korea’s missile exports
Bring North Korea under the Missile Technology Control Regime
North Korea A sovereign nation has the right to develop missiles
Halted missile exports must be compensated for economically