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Once Again (7) 좋으시겠다

#Drama Lines l 2020-10-12


Da-hee: 근데 사장님, 뭘 저렇게 많이 사셨어요?

You bought a lot of stuff? What did you buy?

Yoon-jeong: 스테이크 하려고 오늘 좀 특별한 날이라.

좀 근사하게 차려 놓고 아들내미랑 저녁 먹으려고.

와인도 한 잔 같이 하고.

I wanted to make some steak. Today’s a special day.

I wanted to make a nice meal and have dinner with my son.

Maybe even have a glass of wine.

Da-hee:  좋으시겠다.

That sounds nice.

Expression of the Week

좋으시겠다 (that sounds nice)

좋겠다 – a expression used to express slight jealousy or envy or “good for you” 

Casual – 좋겠다

Semi-casual – 좋으시겠다 

Polite – 좋으시겠어요

>>[좋으시겠다] is a semi-casual form that is somewhere in between the polite or honorific “좋으시겠어요” and the casual “좋겠다”. 

>>This form of speech is very colloquial and is used commonly when the speaker is talking to someone that is older than them but are very close to.

>>[~면 좋겠다] is very similar but the expression is used to indicate the speaker’s hope or wish, or the speaker’s wish that a result would be different from reality

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