About the Contest


Shifting into the endemic era, my traveling begins in Korea!
Seoul? Busan? Jeju Island? Anywhere is OK, as long as I have K-Pop!
Send us a video of the places you would like to visit in Korea
with your friends or romantic interest, telling us why!
Huge prizes are in store for you!
KBS WORLD Radio’s 8th Korean Language Speech Contest
“Visit Korea Riding the K-Pop Wave!” begins now!

Topic (Choose one of the two topics below.)

1. A Korean destination you want to visit the most

Namsan N Tower’s love locks where you can tightly bind your love,
Gangneung’s beaches where BTS filmed their MV for “Spring Days.”
The places you want to visit in Korea…
Why do you want to go there?
Which K-Pop song do you want to listen to there?
Tell us in Korean about the Korea’s destinations that you want to visit the most and the reason!

2. A Korean destination you discovered through KBS WORLD Radio that you want to visit

KBS WORLD Radio is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year!
Are there any Korean destinations that you discovered through our programs?
How did it leave an impression on you? If you get to visit, who would you like to go with?
Tell us in Korean about Korea’s landmarks discovered through KBS WORLD Radio that you would like to visit and why!  

How to Enter the Contest

1. Make sure to fully understand the given topic.
2. Film a Korean language video that is approximately one minute in length. (You must appear in the video yourself.)
3. Click on "Preliminary Application Begins" at the bottom of the page to fill out the entry form and submit your video.

* You can check your participation status by clicking on the "Participation Status" link at the bottom of the page.

Main Judging Criteria

1. Does the video contain the content of the theme for the preliminary round well?
2. Is the contestant’s Korean language skill fluent and content of the video original?  

Contest Schedule

June 28 - July 26 (4 weeks) : Preliminary Round Application Begins
Preliminaries extended! (until 11:59 pm KST Aug. 2)
August 9 : Preliminary Results (Announcement of TOP 10)
In August : Final Round (TOP 10)
August 9 - 16 : Most Popular Video Award
August 23 : Announcement for Popularity and Early Bird Award Winners
October 9 : Special Program & Announcement of Winners

Awards & Prizes

1st Place (1 winner) : 4 million KRW (approx. $3,000 USD) / Certification for 1st Place
2nd Place (1 winner) : 1.5 million KRW / Certification for 2nd Place
3rd Place (1 winner) : 1 million KRW / Certification for 3rd Place
Award of Excellence (3 winners) : Souvenir worth 200,000 KRW for each winner
Popularity & Early Bird Award (one winner for each award) : Souvenirs worth 100,000 KRW for each winner

* The Early Bird Award will be awarded to the earliest submitted video.
* The prize money will be wired after it is exchanged into dollars (USD) at the exchange rate prevailing on the day of the transfer.
As such, the prize money amount may differ depending on the exchange rate.
* The winner is responsible for the transfer fee, so it will be deducted from the prize money before the transfer.


- Foreign nationals living outside of Korea are eligible. (Naturalized Koreans and foreign nationals of Korean descendents are not eligible.)
- Participants residing in Europe must be 16 years of age or older, or over the minimum age set by their respective home countries.


- Notifications and announcements regarding the contests will be sent to the participants via the e-mail address provided by each participant. KBS WORLD Radio will not be held responsible for any miscommunication and/or disadvantages arising from the participant’s failure to check the notifications.
- Videos submitted to the contest may be used in programs or other promotional materials produced by KBS WORLD Radio.
- Manuscripts and videos submitted to other competitions are not eligible to participate.
- Winners from other contests will be eliminated from evaluation, and if the fact is discovered after the video is given an award, the award will be canceled.
- Playing copyrighted music or videos in the background, or using screen captures of TV programs such as dramas in the submitted video without permission is prohibited. Videos containing any of the above will be disqualified.
- A submitted video can be disqualified if it is deemed unrelated to or inappropriate for the contest.

For other inquiries please contact

- kbscontest@gmail.com

Final Round


KBS Hong Jooyeon Announcer

Here are the “TOP 10” finalists who have made it through the tough competition.


KBS Kim Jinwoong Announcer

The contestants chosen as the TOP 10 will have their Korean language skills evaluated by a KBS announcer through an online interview sometime in August.
Who will be the final 1st place winner for this year’s Korean Language Speech Contest?
We look forward to your participation and support!
Thank you all for participating in KBS WORLD Radio’s 8th Korean Language Speech Contest - Visit Korea Riding the K-Pop Wave

Voting for Most Popular Video Award

Here are the “TOP 10” finalists who have made it to the final round!
Please choose your favorite for the Popularity Award!
First, watch the videos submitted by the ten finalists, and press “like” for the contestant that you thought spoke the best Korean.
The contestant that receives the most “likes” will win the Popularity Award!
And, we’ll also have a lucky draw among all who voted to select 100 people to send special souvenirs.
So, make sure to take part in the Popularity Award vote!

Voting Period: 2023.08.11 (Fri.) ~ 2023.08.16 (Wed.)
(Announcement for Most Popular Video Award: August. 23 (Wed.))

Click to vote

For other inquiries please contact

- kbscontest@gmail.com


Winners Announcement

Here are the winners for Popularity Award and Early Bird Award.

"Final Winners will be announced on October 9th!"

For other inquiries please contact

- kbscontest@gmail.com