Special Program

2016 Special Program on UNESCO World Heritage “Baekje, the Glorious Kingdom”

It has been a year since the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included the Baekje Historic Areas of the Republic of Korea in its list of world heritage sites in July 2015. In the past, Baekje had in fact attracted little attention in academic research of ancient Korean history. With the UNESCO registration, however, Baekje has found a new status in Korean history as scholars have shed new light on the ancient Korean kingdom, which has also gained unprecedented attention from the general public as well. In particular, the Ungjin period and the Sabi period linked to the Baekje Historic Areas show that the kingdom accepted advanced civilization in a creative manner and spread culture to East Asia, while its resplendent culture blossomed.

1,400 years ago, Baekje faded into history as the capital of Sabi collapsed. But when the Baekje Historic Areas were listed as South Korea’s 12th World Heritage Site, the forgotten kingdom was at the center of worldwide attention once again. Celebrating this, KBS World Radio will show what the great kingdom was like by focusing on major historic sites and relics from the brilliant Sabi period, especially King Seong’s period that was at the center of prosperity. In doing so, we aim to present a balanced view of ancient Korean history that includes Baekje and achieve a broader understanding of it.

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