Here’s another way to show your love for the Korean language!

Any non-Koreans can take part in this exciting competition.

This year, THREE winners will be invited to visit Korea on a 6-day trip, during which they will experience various Korean cultural activities, and boast their Korean language skills.

Show us your love for the Korean language, right here on KBS WORLD Radio!

Competition Process

Competition Process


Foreign nationals living outside of Korea are eligible. (Naturalized Koreans and foreign nationals of Korean descent are not eligible.) Applicants must have a valid passport and be eligible for international travel.

How To Enter the Contest

Application submission : Pick one of the two given topics. Write a speech in Korean on the topic and film yourself giving the speech. Submit both the video and the script of your speech.

TOP 20 : The Top 20 participants will be given a topic. Write a speech in Korean on the topic and film yourself giving the speech. Submit both the video and the script of your speech.

Final Round : The Top 10 participants will hold video conferences with KBS announcers to be judged on their conversational skills in Korean.

Awards and Prizes

Grand Prize Rewards Announcement Date
Winners (3 people) A round-trip ticket to Korea, meals and accommodation paid for a 6-day visit
A trophy
Chances to appear on KBS programs and experience various Korean cultural activities
TOP 10 Participants Souvenirs 2015.08.05
TOP 20 Participants Souvenirs 2015.07.15
Participation Prizes 50 outstanding entries to be selected from the applications 2015.07.27
<Special Award Winners>
  • First-Come-First-Served (The first 10 participants to upload their videos on the website)
  • The Most Passionate (The participant who put in the most effort)
  • The Most Fashionable (The participant with the most eye-catching fashion)
  • The Most Entertaining (The participant with the most humorous contents)
  • The Best Editor (The participant with the best edited video)
  • The Most Creative (The participant with the most innovative and unique idea)
Souvenirs 2015.07.27
* Every participant who uploads video content on our official website will be eligible for a souvenir.


  • The three winners must be available to visit Korea in September 2015.
  • Any expenses unspecified above will not be covered by the KBS WORLD Radio.
  • If the winner is a minor, he or she must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. KBS WORLD Radio will not be responsible for their airfare or accommodation fees.
  • Notifications and announcements regarding the contests will be sent to the participants via the e-mail addresses provided by each participant. KBS WORLD Radio will not be held responsible for any miscommunication arising from the participant’s failure to check or read the e-mails.
  • Videos submitted to the contest may be used in programs produced by KBS WORLD Radio.

For More Information

Contact the KBS WORLD Radio Korean Language Contest team at kbscontest@gmail.com