Korea Visit

Introducing the Winners

Cassandra Monjo

Nationality : Australian / Age : 20

Thank you. I will strive to be better every day. I will try to make you proud by improving my Korean. I will study harder. Thank you very much.

Eung Kokking

Nationality : Cambodian / Age : 21

Thank you. It was my dream to visit Korea ever since I started studying Korean. Thank you for fulfilling that dream. I was given a rare chance, so I will make the best of my stay in Korea and try hard to learn more Korean. Thank you very much, and I love you.

Monika Olszynska

Nationality : Polish / Age : 26

First of all, thank you very much for selecting me. I never imagined I'd win. Words can't describe how happy I am. When I'm in Korea, I will diligently follow the schedule, and meet you with a smile on my face. Also, I will try to show you my love and passion for the Korean language. Thank you.

The three winners arrived in Korea half excited and half nervous.

They are about to spend a week with strangers in a foreign country.
What did they do between their arrival and departure? You're about to find out all the details!


Day 1

The Arrival

The exciting Korea trip begins!

The first step in Korea!

The three winners finally meet!

Visiting KBS

Meeting the KBS WORLD RADIO family for the first time

Looking around the KBS News Center

The night view from Namsan Mountain

Wrapping up the first day in Korea with the beautiful night view from Namsan

After a cable-car ride and declicious dinner, the three winners made their wishes on the famous Namsan Locks of Love.


Day 2

Lessons from announcers

The three winners showing off their skills in front of KBS announcers!

Looking around the KBS filming sets

The three winners visited the set of "Woorimal Battle." When will they be able to solve quizzes in Korean?

To KBS drama sets, where countless masterpiece dramas were born!

The King Sejong Story Exhibition Hall in Gwanghwamun

Throughout the day, it became clear how much the three winners love the Korean language. Wrapping up the day, they visited an exhibition hall dedicated to the maker of Hangul, King Sejong the Great.


Day 3

A fieldtrip to Imjingak

Witnessing the divded Korean Peninsula

The three winners visited Imjingak to mark the 70th anniversary of Korea's independence and division. Imjingak is located only 7km south of the Military Demarcation Line. Let's follow the three winners' steps as they look around the site of Korea's division.

Seoul Tour

What did the three winners do during their tour around Seoul?

Gyeongbokgung Palace was the first of the 5 palaces of Joseon to be built. It's definitely a must-see site when visiting Seoul.

The Hallyu Experience Zone in Gangnam Tourist Information Center, and the Hallyu Star Avenue of Gangnam


Day 4

Namsangol Hanok Village

The three winners visited Namsangol Hanok Village to get a first-hand experience of Korea's traditional ettiquette, clothes and games.

Radio Appearance

It's time to focus on the three winners' Korean skills. Would they have improved in the short 3 days they've spent here in Korea so far? Here are the three winners recording the KBS WORLD RADIO's special program.

Hongdae Chimaek Party!

A fun night with Chimaek!

It's Eung Kokking's wish come true!


Day 5

Three Different Tours

The one thing that they each wanted to do the most in Seoul! Let's see the city through the three winners' eyes.

I want to ride ( ) and go to ( ) to see/experience ( ) and eat ( ).

Music Bank

Into the K-Pop scene! The three winners couldn't hide their excitement as they waited to enter the set of Music Bank. The line's so long!

The three winners feeling the passion of K-Pop!

The Farewell Dinner

As the end of the trip drew near, the three winners had their farewell dinner.

The three winners looked back on their Korea trip while sharing the signature Korean traditional rice wine, Makgeolli. Ah~ I wish I didn’t have to go…!


Day 6

The Goodbye

At the airport