TOP 20 Round

The TOP 20 Contestants have come this far with
their superb talents.
But only 10 of them can reach the finals.

Select one of the TOP 20 and show your support!
The contestant with the most number of votes will win a spot in the Final Round! (You can only vote once.)

※ Voters will have a chance to win small prizes or souvenirs by draw.
(Draw Winners will be announced on September 2.)

※ Selection Process : 9 selected by judges, 1 via netizens’ votes

What Korean culture portrayed via Hallyu contents (film, drama, K-pop etc.)
do you most want to experience first-hand?
  • Asma Chafi

  • Cassandra Monjo

  • Chris Hambarsoomian

  • Christine Kejs

  • Devi Satriadewi

  • Do Kim Phuc

  • Eliane Nierinck

  • Emma S.

  • Eung Kokking

  • Frederic Hewett

  • Hala Abdula Aziz

  • Hatice Yuzbasioglu

  • Hirayu Komugi

  • Izzi Isman

  • Monika Olszynska

  • Otgonduu

  • Pedro Barbosa

  • Thwe Thwe Win

  • Yang Lu

  • Yerkimbayeva Aizhan

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