Application Submission 06/12~07/12
Topic 1.
The reason I study Korean
Topic 2.
News I hope to hear on KBS WORLD Radio 10 years from now

* Every participant who uploads video content on our official website will be eligible for a souvenir.

How To Enter the Contest

  1. ① Pick one of the two given topics. Write a speech in Korean on the topic and film yourself giving the speech.
  2. ② Upload the video on your Youtube account. Make sure to name the file KBS Korean Contest 2015_Your Name in English. (ex: KBS Korean Contest 2015_Elin Lopez)
  3. ③ Submit the link to your Youtube video and the script of your Korean speech to our Video Contest website.


  • The total length of the video should be between 3 and 4 minutes.
  • The speech script must be written by the participant.
  • The participant's face must be recognizable on the video.
  • A script or a video previously submitted to other contests cannot be used.
  • A script or a video will be disqualified if found to have entered another contest. If such a fact is revealed after the script or video in question has won a prize, the accolades will be revoked.
  • The video’s Youtube URL and the Korean script in its entirety must be submitted to the website at the time of application.
  • Playing music, having another video playing in the background or using screen captures of TV programs such as dramas in the submitted video without permission is prohibited. Videos containing any of the above will be disqualified.

For More Information

Contact the KBS WORLD Radio Korean Language Contest team at

The preliminaries results will be announced on July 15th.