World’s message

70 Years of Independence & the Next 30 Years
<Future of Korea, the United Peninsula> Special Event
"For the Korean Peninsula"

“한반도의 평화 통일을 기원합니다!”

“We Hope for a Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula!”

« Je souhaite la réunification pacifique de la Corée ! »

„Wir hoffen auf eine friedliche Wiedervereinigung Koreas!”

“¡Deseo la reunificación pacífica de Corea!”

"Весь мир желает Корейскому полуострову независимого и мирного воссоединения"

“ 祈愿韩国和平统一!”


”نأمل في التوحيد السلمي لكوريا“

“Mendoakan unifikasi damai di Korea”

“Cầu chúc hòa bình thống nhất cho Hàn Quốc”

2015 marks the 70th year of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule, as well as the 70th year of division.
Let us introduce your messages wishing for the independent and peaceful unification of the two Koreas.

Source : KBS