DMZ World Peace Park Outline


South and North Korea, together with the international community will create the DMZ World Peace Park for peace and life that heals the wounds from division and conflict and help plant seeds of trust to achieve unification.


To create a world-class park for peace and exchange of wildlife along the DMZ.

Space for Ecology
To connect and restore the ecology in the DMZ, and to implement a system for preservation and use
Space for Cooperation
Create a space that expands multi-faceted cooperation in society, culture, public welfare etc. based on cooperation in environment related issues
Space for Peace
Create a space for exchange and communication between South and North Korea and the international community


The final location of the peace park will be decided jointly by South and North Korea

Project Direction

We plan to create an eco-friendly ecological park that will allow not only South and North Koreans but the international community to experience the distinct ecology and values of a peaceful DMZ.

Proposal for DMZ World Peace Park by President Park Geun-hye

  • Proposal for DMZ World Peace Park first made during President Park’s speech in Congress, May 18th, 2013.
    President Park proposed creating a park within the DMZ to provide a chance to build trust between South and North Korea, and allow South and North Korean citizens and the international community to meet in an area of peace.
Source : Unification Ministry