Korean peninsula trust-building process


「Trust-building Process on the Korean Peninsula」 is a policy to advance inter-Korean relations based on ensuring solid national security, establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula and laying the groundwork for eventual unification.
The policy aims to create peace by establishing a solid national security posture that does not permit North Korea’s armed provocations and encourages the North to follow the path of trust-building.
The policy first and foremost pushes for the establishment of trust between the two Koreas while looking for ways to create a virtuous cycle between trust-building, development of inter-Korean ties, and the establishment of a foundation for unification and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

※“The direction of the new administration’s North Korea policy is to establish trust between the two Koreas and to establish peace and a foundation for unification all based on firm security” (03.27.2013 Unification & Foreign Ministry Report)

Process and Significance of Trust-building

  • Trust is built up gradually through dialogue and delivery on promises in addition to mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange.
    A price must be paid for any acts that disrupt peace, thereby encouraging both parties to adopt a path of cooperation This will allow the North to realize that building trust through exchange and cooperation is mutually beneficial.
  • 「Trust-building on the Korean Peninsula Policy」 encompasses △Trust between the Two Koreas △Trust of the People △Trust of the International Community.
    Trust is the basic foundation for unification, the establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula and the development of inter-Korean ties. At the same time, trust is also a type of social capital and infrastructure that allows the Korean government to pursue its North Korean and diplomatic policies under the support of the nation and international community.


1. To Encourage North Korea to Become a Responsible Member of the International Community and to End the Decades-long Vicious Cycle

※“We cannot keep repeating the behavior of having dialogue, compromising and providing support whenever North Korea creates a crisis.” (04.11.2013, Saenuri Party’s Foreign Affairs/Unification/Defense Committee)

2. Fundamentally Resolving the Security Crisis on the Korean Peninsula Including North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

3. Embracing the Strengths of Past North Korea Policies, Searching for a Comprehensive Approach

At a time when distrust between the two Koreas is deeper than ever, a great opportunity has opened up for South Korea to take the lead in creating a new order based on trust. Based on this perception, the Park Geun-hye administration has set forth the Trust-building Process on the Korean Peninsula Policy which focuses on building trust.

Specific Goals

Normalization of Inter-Korean Ties Through Trust-building
Continued efforts to resolve humanitarian issues
Establishing a channel for dialogue and implementing existing agreements
Increased exchange and cooperation between the two Koreas for mutual benefit
Promotion of 「Vision Korea Project」
Pursuit of Sustainable Peace on the Korean Peninsula
Fully establish firm security stance
Carry out multi-faceted efforts to resolve North Korea’s nuclear issue
Build DMZ World Peace Park
Continue to build political and military trust
Reinforcement of Unification Infrastructure
Developmental succession of「Korean National Community Unification Formula」
Seek unification with the Korean people
Promote better quality of life for North Koreans
Establish Virtuous Cycle of Peaceful Unification on the Korean Peninsula and Peaceful Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Expand international support for unification
Contribute to ultimately resolving North Korea related issues through seeking sustainable peace and progress in Northeast Asia
Promote three-way cooperation
Source : Unification Ministry