Once unification occurs…

What will the future for a unified Korea look like?

  • A country where children can play freely without fear

    Once unification occurs our children will be free of fear from the threat of nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and war.

  • A country that gives hope to its youth

    Once unification occurs, the population of South and North Korea combined will reach 80 million. By combining South Korea’s economic power and North Korea’s resources and labor force, a unified Korea will become a land of opportunities for future generations. More job opportunities and new jobs will be created helping the nation’s youth to dream of a more diverse and creative future.

  • A tourism powerhouse with visitors from around the world

    Roger Shepherd, a mountain climber from New Zealand said, “Once the two Koreas become one, the world’s mountaineers will flock to the Korean Peninsula to experience the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range which ranges from North to South Korea.” Korean youth will also be able to travel to North Korea, Siberia and finally Europe by train on the Trans-continental Railway.

  • A country that makes the last wishes of elderly citizens come true

    Elderly citizens who have lived with sorrow over the last half-century not knowing if their kin across the border were alive or dead will be able to reunite with them once unification occurs. Elderly citizens who were unable to visit their hometowns due to division will finally be able to visit their homes.

A unified Korea will become a model country that contributes to world peace and prosperity.

  • “The Korean Peninsula Smiles”

    North Korean citizen’s human rights will be guaranteed and they will have the chance to freely participate in politics.

  • “The World Smiles”

    The diplomacy and security efforts spent on Inter-Korean conflict and confrontation can be channeled to cementing world peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia..

Source : Unification Ministry