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Dokdo’s military values, as well as its marine scientific values were recognized early on. Prior to the “Great Battle of the East Sea,” the last battle of the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, Japan forcefully absorbed Dokdo into its territories to build a watchtower. Thanks to this action, Japan was able to defeat the Russian Navy, thereby clearly demonstrating the military value of Dokdo.

Today, the Korean government has established a high performance defense radar base on Dokdo to use as a strategic base. The base plays an important role in national security, as it allows easy monitoring of the Russian Pacific Fleet and the movements of naval and air forces of North Korea and Japan.


Meanwhile, geologists consider Dokdo a treasure house for lithology and petrography. Various types of rocks can be viewed on Dokdo, including trachyte, andesite and intrusive rocks. In addition, Dokdo is a rare example of an underwater mountain exposed above the surface of water, formed by erosion and sedimentation over time. Today, Dokdo clearly shows the evolutional process of an underwater mountain. North Gyeongsang Province recently announced that it will launch the Ulleungdo Dokdo Ocean Research Station within 2014.


Military & Marine Scientific Values