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Koreans Speak of peace

In 2018, Korea experienced a number of surprising developments.
The leaders of South and North Korea met face to face three times and
North Korea and the U.S. also held a historic summit.

At the Demilitarized Zone, a vestige of the Cold War era that divides the two Koreas,
guard posts and land mines were removed while roads were connected.

Changes that arose from the April inter-Korean summit led to story after story
containing the expression "for the first time since the division of the Korean Peninsula”.

“End of war” and “peace” became new buzz words.

But how much do we feel these changes in everyday life?

We will face a completely different world when the Korean War formally ends and the Korean people can travel freely across the peninsula.

The Koreas have drifted apart in the 70-plus years since their division.

This program explores the following question:
Are we prepared to face a new wave of changes together?

We may not find an answer right away, but we can at least begin a conversation.

We have listened to the opinions of regular people as well as
various experts who specialize in unification issues.

Photo : Yonhap News

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