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K-POP Connection

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  • DJs: Angie Park, Dabit
  • Producer: Eunji Kim
  • Writers: Halim Kim, Angie Park

Join DJs Angie and Dabit as they take you on a two-hour journey into the world of K-pop! The first half of the show is packed with K-music, while the second half is filled with fun chat, entertainment, and K-pop news!



  • KPC Special Interview
  • [Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri]K-Pop Pitstop! 링크
  • [Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri]Your 2 Cents (Y2C) 링크
  • [Mon]Life in Lyrics
  • [Tue]Test Your K-Pop!
  • [Wed]Journey Across Music (JAM)
  • [Thu]K-POPcorn
  • [Fri]Newsday Friday


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