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Once Again (3) 저야말로

#Drama Lines l 2020-09-14


Kyu-jin:계약기간은 이 집이 팔리는 그 순간까지.

이의 없으시죠, 송나희씨?

The contract period will be until this house is sold. 

You don’t have any objections to that, right Na-hee?

Na-hee:네, 이의 없습니다.

No objections. 

Kyu-jin:그럼. 그러면 앞으로 잘 부탁드립니다. 하우스메이트님.

Then, I look forward to your kind cooperation housemate. 

Na-hee : 저야말로. 

The same goes for me. 

Expression of the Week

저야말로 the same goes for me

저 – I, me

-(이)야말로 - A postpositional particle used to emphatically state something.

Casual – 나야말로

Polite – 저야말로(요)

>> [저] is the humble The humble form used by the speaker to refer to himself/herself for the purpose of showing humility to the listener

>>the expression [-(이)야말로] is used to strongly emphasize the meaning of the preceding noun. In other words, in the dialogue, the expression is emphasizing “저” which is the polite for of referring to oneself, and means “It is I(not you) that would like to ask for your kind cooperation”.   

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