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Cheer UP! (3) 됐지?

#Drama Lines l 2019-10-21

Expression of the Week

Dong-jae:리얼킹 애들 왜 피해?  

Real King, why are you avoiding people? 

Yeon-doo:내가 언제? 

When did I avoid other people? 

Dong-jae:아까도 걔네들 매점에 있으니까 너 그냥 나왔잖아. 

You just left when you saw them at the school store. 

Yeon-doo:그땐... 갑자기 화장실이 가고 싶었다니까? 

I… I had to go to the bathroom then. 

Yeol: 나 강연두랑 할 말 있는데. 

I have something to say to Kang Yeon-doo. 

Yeon-doo:뭔데? 해 봐. 

What is it? Tell me.  

Yeol:둘이서만 했으면 하는데. 

I want to say it privately. 

Yeon-doo:됐지? 이제 해봐. 

It’s okay now, right? You can tell me now.

됐지? (It’s okay now, right?)

되다 – to be enough, to be sufficient

덕분 - indebtedness; The favor or help provided by someone, or gains from an incident.

Casual – 됐지?

Semi-polite – 됐죠?

>>In the dialogue, Yeol wants a quiet word with Yeon-doo, so she gives Dong-jae a private glance to tell him its alright, he can leave and she’ll speak with Yeol.

>>after sending Dong-jae away, she says “됐지?” which is basically telling Yeol “Are you happy now? Is this sufficient enough? It’s quiet now. We’re alone and you can say what you want.” 

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