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#11. Baraegil Road in Namhae

#Korea Travelog l 2020-01-01

Korea Travelog

The word "barae" is an indigenous term that refers to the act of picking sea plants and clams from
the tidal flats or rocks along the beach. Baraegil Road is a walking trail that follows the very road
that Namhae residents used to take on their way to do barae work. The five-hour course takes visitors
to such scenic spots as Seochon Beach or Pebble Beach and allows them to glimpse into the resilient lives of those who lived in Namhae many years ago.

Baragegil Road Course No.1

Sachon Beach

Gacheon Daraengi Village

Anchovy and Rice Wrap - Gacheon Village's Specialty Dish

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