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The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon (VOD)


Once upon a time in Korea, there lived a tiger in the depths of a mountain. 

It was such a huge, ferocious animal that even its shadow made every creature cower in fear.

One day, the tiger went down to a village in search of food.

“This won’t do. I’ll have to go down to the village and dine on a fat juicy pig or a tender calf. 

Come to think of it, a tasty human wouldn’t be too bad either.”

It was just then that he heard a baby’s cry.

“Hush, dear. Stop crying. A tiger is just outside that door.”

But even at the grandmother’s warning, the baby didn’t stop crying.

“Here’s a dried persimmon. Why don’t you eat this and stop crying?”

Lo and behold, the baby stopped crying just like that. This “dried persimmon” did what even the threat of a lurking tiger could not.

(To be continued)

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