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On the Way to the Airport (9) 그렇게 됐어요

#Drama Lines l 2021-10-25


수아: 네

Soo-a: Yes.

진석: 자네 뭐야? 회사를 관뒀다는 게 뭐냐고.

Jin-seok: What are you thinking? What is this about quitting your job?

수아: 와서 얘기해요.

Soo-a: We’ll talk when you get home.

진석: 두 번 안 묻는다. 회사를 관뒀다는 게 뭐냐고.

Jin-seok: I’m not asking twice. What is this about quitting your job?

수아: 그렇게 됐어요.

Soo-a: It just happened. 

Expression of the Week

그렇게 됐어요 (it just happened)

되다 – to get to; become; to reach a certain situation or state

Casual – 그렇게 됐어

Semi polite/polite – 그렇게 됐어요/됐습니다

>> This expression is used when something unexpected has happened, and you want to answer without elaborating on why that incident occurred. 

>>This expression can also be used by a speaker as a response when they already know about a bad situation or outcome that has occurred.

>> This expression is used when the speaker does not remember what he/she has done or said. It can also be used when the speaker remembers what they have done or said but wants to act as if they don’t remember, as in the dialogue.

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