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KBS WORLD TV YouTube | HOT Video Clip of the Week (February 4th-March 10th)


LE SSERAFIM- Smart [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV

The hottest clip of this week is LE SSERAFIM with “Smart!” LE SSERAFIM's anthem "Smart" stands as a formidable ode to brilliance, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of triumph. The lyrics exude assurance and self-confidence, as the vocalists proclaim themselves as "intelligent infants" capable of deciphering challenges and emerging triumphant.

The verses delve into the core theme of strategic plotting and unwavering effort. Kazuha and Kim Chaewon express their commitment to attaining victory, with Kazuha stating, "What I desire is that victory" (I term it "sugar"), and Kim Chaewon emphasizing the significance of adhering to the plan and seizing every opportunity.

The pre-chorus accentuates a spirit of rebellion and tenacity, as the vocalists embrace the persona of a "villain" who rises above setbacks and adversities. They reject the notion of being defined by failures and opt to embody strength and resolve.

In its entirety, LE SSERAFIM's "Smart" is a vibrant and empowering composition that urges its audience to embrace their intellect, work ethic, and ambition in the pursuit of aspirations. The lyrics serve as a persistent reminder to remain concentrated, resolute, and unwavering on the journey to triumph.

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