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Hi DJ Brian and KPC family! Last week was my first test week at an English academy, and I moved up to higher level. It’s all thanks to KPC! It’s been three weeks since I moved to Australia for a year. Before comming here, I was really worried about my Eglish becuase I’m not fluent in English and I don’t have experience living abroad. But since listening to KPC, I’ve been able to get closer to Enlgish without stress. KPC always brings me joy and makes me feel like I’m with close friends. The song I’m requesting is “Feel this love”by Fly to the sky. The lyrics “누가 정해 너의 한계를, 셀 수조차 없는 밤하늘 all the stars of my mind” tell me that there are infinite possibilities in my mind, and it gives me strengh to get through challenges in an unfamiliar land. KPC, always being like a dear friend to me and providing me with so much help, thank you. I love you guys. Special thanks to DJ Brian!


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