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[2020 Lunar New Year’s Special] Journey of a Mouse


Journey of a Mouse

When we enter a new year, people often talk about the new year in terms of their animal sign and the Asian Zodiac, putting meaning into the symbolism for that year’s animal. In Korea, there is an age old tradition of getting one’s fortune told at the start of the new year, based on the zodiac and interpreting the fate and personality of a child that was born in a certain year based on that year’s animal characteristics.

We can find evidence from various customs, documents, artifacts and ancient remains that our ancestors drew symbolic meaning from each of the zodiac animals and used them to create life lessons and guidance. As such, the meaning behind zodiac animals and their symbolism has a special place among Koreans.

So, when did these animals appear and how did they change up to the present day? What kind of influence do they have on our lives?

2020 is the year of the white rat! Through KBS World Radio’s 2020 Lunar New Year’s Special “Journey of a Mouse,” we’ll find out about the origins of animal zodiacs and related culture, as well as our expectations for the coming year.

What kind of year will 2020 be for us?

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