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#Artist Search l 2011-06-01

Debut : 2009

Member : Yoon Doo-joon (leader)
Date of birth : July 4, 1989
Height : 177cm
Weight : 66kg
Awards : 2010 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards (Male New Star in Comedy)

Member : Yang Yo-seop
Date of birth : Jan. 15, 1990
Height : 170cm
Weight : 57kg

Member : Jang Hyun-seung
Date of birth : Sep. 3, 1989
Height : 176cm
Weight : 58kg
Education : Dongshin University (Practical Music Studies)

Member : Lee Ki-kwang
Date of birvth : Mar. 30, 1990
Height : 170.5cm
Weight : 58kg
Family : 1 younger brother
Awards : 2010 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards (Popularity Award in Variety)
Debut : 2009 as 'AJ'

Member : Yong Jun-hyung
Date of birth : Dec. 19, 1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 64kg
Education : Dongshin University (Practical Music Studies)

Member : Son Dong-woon
Date of birth : June 6, 1991
Height : 180cm
Weight : 64kg
Family : father is Son Il-lak
Education : Gungook University (Video Film Studies)

These six guys have come to write a new chapter in the history of idol K-pop stars. Beast had been the center of attention even before their official debut in October. This was due to their reality series covered by MTV, which followed the guys from the beginning even before their debut. The series showed the rigorous training process and the boys' behind the scenes goofiness, which the audience loved. Years of hard training had toughened them up as serious musicians with enough musical skills and maturity to dominate the current idol music market. For some time, they were actually known as the "recycled group" because many of them failed in making it into other hit groups or had already debuted to disappointing results. For example, Hyun-seung was one of the finalists to become a member of Big Bang, but got cut at the last minute. Doo-joon was also a finalist in the last round of the 2AM/2PM group before getting dropped. Ki-kwang had debuted earlier as solo singer AJ, but unfortunately didn't become the hit that his management had hoped. A number of influential musical producers came together to make Beast’s debut album, with the Beast members themselves having contributed in the album-making process by writing lyrics and raps.

Though Bad Girl was a popular song, each comeback track the guys released became a bigger hit than before. Their next mini-album featured the song "Shock" which won them their first #1 on the TV music ranking/performance shows. Some of the members started to get outside offers to participate in variety shows and dramas. Doo-joon became a fixed guest on the show "Danbi" while Ki-kwang was asked to be on the show "Hot Brothers". Doo-joon even got the offer to act in "All My Love" alongside one of his best friends, Jo-kwon of 2AM.

The boys prepared long and hard for their next comeback, seeking to perfect each track. They released a two part release with the first mini-album featuring the single "Soom" or "Breath". That song won them their first #1 on a non-cable TV music ranking/performance show, beating the group 2NE1 who had been dominating the #1 spot for weeks. It was a hit song although critics did say it was too similar to "Shock". They soon released the second half batch of songs featuring the title track "Beautiful" which was completely different from their previous songs. It showed the cute and fun side of the guys rather than the intense, serious, and powerful side that their previous songs pulled out.

Between all this, Beast started to promote abroad, winning over fans abroad as well.

The guys achieved their short-term goal as musicicans which was to hold their own concert in December of 2010. It was a sold-out concert that had ticket sellers placing them in the ranks of Big Bang and TVXQ. Their agency decided to hold an encore concert in February which was just as much of a success.

In May of 2011, the group released "Fiction" off of their first ever full-length album.

Beast is the B2ST (EP) (1st mini album, October 14, 2009) : Beast Is The B2ST, Bad Girl, Mystery, Yet, Oasis

Crazy ("Gas Station Attack" OST, December 28, 2009) : Crazy

Shock Of The New Era (2nd mini album, March 1, 2010) : Just Before Shock, Shock, Special, Please Take Care Of My Girlfriend (Say Noo), Easy

Easy (sincere version) (digital single, April 29, 2010) : Easy (Sincere Ver.)

With My Fists Clenched Tight (single, September 17, 2010) : With My Fists Clenched Tight

Mastermind (3rd mini album, September 28, 2010) : Mastermind, Breath, V.I.U. (Very Important U), Break Down, With My Fists Tenched Tight

Lights Go On Again (4th mini album, November 9, 2010) : Lights Go On Again, Beautiful, I Like You The Best, Lightless, I'm Sorry

Loving U ("All Of My Love" OST Part 1, December 2, 2010) : Loving U

My Story (digital single, December 21, 2010) : If You Shut The Door, Thanks To, Let It Snow, Lights Go On again (full version)

Rainbow (Hukuyama Masahara remake) (special OST, March 14, 2011) : Rainbow

On A Rainy Day (digital single, May 12, 2011) : On A Rainy Day

Fiction And Fact (1st album, May 17, 2011) : The Fact, Fiction, Back To You, You, Freeze, Virus, Though I Try Call, On a Rainy Day, Lightless (unplugged version), Fiction (Orchestra version)

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