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My Father is Strange (8) 주말에 봐

#Drama Lines l 2018-08-13

Expression of the Week

Mi-young: 언니, 잘 가. 

Bye, Hye-young.

Ra-young: 가, 얼른. 

Hurry and go.

Jun-young: 가, 주말에는 꼭 오고. 

Get going. Come during the weekend. 

Young-sik:  주말에 봐.

See you this weekend. 

Bo-mi:잘 가, 혜영 조카. 

Bye, Hey-young.

Hye-young:네. 외숙모, 들어가요. 

Yes, Aunt Bo-mi. You should head inside. 

할머니, 저 갈게요.

Grandma, I’m leaving. 

Kim Mal-bun :  응, 어서 가.

주말에 봐. (See you this weekend.)

주말 – weekend, the end of a week

~에 – particle meaning during, on, at, in etc.

봐 – verb meaning to see or to meet (e.g. to meet a person for a purpose)   

Casual – 주말에 봐.

Semi-polite – 주말에 봐요. 

Polite – 주말에 뵙겠습니다. 

>>”봐” is a casual form of the verb “보다” which means to meet or see. The polite form of using the verb and telling someone that you will meet them later is “뵙겠습니다.”

>>Another way to tell someone that you’ll see them this weekend is by using the verb “만나” which also means to meet. Even for this verb, you would use the same polite form “뵙겠습니다.”

e.g. 주말에 만나 (casual), 주말에 만나요 (semi-polite), 주말에 (만나) 뵙겠습니다 (polite)

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