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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (6) 농담이에요.

#Drama Lines l 2020-02-10


Soo-ho: 이모는 언제부터 해라랑 같이 사셨어요

When did you start living with Hae-ra?

Sook-hee:걔네 집 망한 후부터지.

After her family business went under. 

Soo-ho: 제가 어릴 때 뵌 적 없는 거 같아서요. 

해라네 집에 얹혀있을 때요.

I don’t think I’ve seen you when I was little. When I was living with them.  

Sook-hee:아... 그게... 그 집이 잘나갈 때는 날 식구 취급도 안 해줬거든.

Ah…that’s because when they were doing well, they didn’t treat me like family. 

Soo-ho:  진짜 이모는 맞죠?

You’re her real aunt, right?

Sook-hee:그럼 가짜 이모도 있나.

Are there fake aunts?

Soo-ho:  농담이에요.

I’m just joking. 

Expression of the Week

농담이에요 (I’m joking)

농담 – n. joke, a remark intended to make fun of someone or to make people laugh.

농담이다 – meant it for a joke

Casual – 농담이야

Polite – 농담이에요

>>[농담이다] is used to tell someone what was just uttered is a joke. In a colloquial and casual situation, one could use it to mean “I’m just kidding.” 

>> Another way to say [농담이에요] is [장난이에요] with “장난” meaning prank or play, similar to “I’m just playing with you.”

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