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Once Again (11) 모른 척 해줘

#Drama Lines l 2020-11-09


Na-hee송나희 : 엄마 이제 마음 추스렸어. 

좀만 더 있다가 상황 봐서 내가 얘기할게 엄마 어버지한테.

그러니까 그때까지만 좀 모른 척해줘, 오빠.

Mom is feeling better now. I’ll wait and see if there’s a better time to break the news to mom and dad. So, just     don’t say anything until I’m ready, okay? 

Jun-seon : 알았는데 어떻게 모른 척 하냐?

Okay, but how can I ignore what’s happening?

Expression of the Week

모른 척해줘 (don’t say anything)

모르다 – not know; to have no knowledge or understanding of a person, object or fact

-ㄴ척 하다 – to pretend 

Casual – 모른 척해줘

Semi-polite/polite – 모른 척해주세요 

>>”-ㄴ 척하다” is used to indicate that one is pretending to do something or to be something, which is not true.

    e.g. 잠든 척하다 – to pretend to be asleep when someone is not sleeping 

>>In the dialogue, Jun-seon knows everything that is going on but Na-hee is pleading with him to act like he doesn’t know and ignore what is going on using the expression “모른 척해줘” 


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