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Cheer UP! (6) 겁 안나요?

#Drama Lines l 2019-11-11

Expression of the Week

PD:이거 다 터지면 세빛고 자사고 지정 취소되겠어요.

If this breaks out, Sebit High School will lose its status as an autonomous private high school.

Tae-beom:저 근데... 제가 제보했다는 건 어떻게 아셨습니까?

Um, but… how did you know I was the informant?

PD:교육청에서 취재했죠.

There was an investigation at the education office. 

Tae-beom:어쨌든 지난번에 찍힌 우리 애들 무단 외박 영상은 영구 삭제 해주시는 거 맞죠?

You’ll permanently delete the video showing our kids staying out overnight without permission, right? 

PD:양 선생님, 겁 안 나요? 이거 진짜괜찮겠어요?

Mr. Yang, aren’t you scared? Is this really alright? 

겁 안 나요? (Aren’t you scared?)

겁 – fear, fright, terror, dread

겁나다 – to be frightened 

Casual – 겁 안 나? 

Semi-polite – 겁 안 나요? 

>>the expression “겁 안나요?” is asking the other person if they are not scared or frightened. Another way you can say the expression is “겁나지 않아요?”

>>Some Korean idioms and expressions using the word “겁” or “fright” are as follows: 

e.g. 겁을 주다 – to frighten someone

겁을 먹다 –    to be filled with fear

겁이 많다 –     literally “to have a lot of fright” meaning to be timid or faint-hearted, or to be scared easily

겁이 없다 –    literally “to not have any fright” meaning to be bold or brave 

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