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Just Dance (5) 잘 가

#Drama Lines l 2020-06-29


이태선:정말 안 데려다줘도 돼? 

Tae-seon:  I really don’t have to take you back?

김시은: 응. 

Si-eun: Yeah.

이태선:차비 줄게. 

Tae-seon:  Let me pay for the ride. 

김시은:됐다. 내도 돈 있다. 개않다.

Si-eun:  That’s fine. I have money. Don’t worry about it.

이태선:그럼...잘 가.

Tae-seon:  Then, goodbye. 

Expression of the Week

잘 가 (goodbye)

잘 – adv. well

가다 – v. to go 

Casual – 잘 가 

Polite – 안녕히 가세요 

>>[잘 가] literally means to “go well” or to “leave well.” It is a casual way of saying “goodbye” as a person is telling the other person to take care and have a good trip on their way back home or wherever they are heading. 

>>Another casual way that Koreans say goodbye is by saying [잘 지내] which means to “stay well” or “take care of yourself (until we meet again).” 

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