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Just Dance (6) 좋아서

#Drama Lines l 2020-07-06


권승찬:자리 났다. 앉아라.

There’s a seat. Sit. 


That’s fine. 

권승찬:다리 아프다. 앉아있어라.

Your legs will hurt. Sit down. 

김시은:내가 앉을게. 아 참.

Oh fine. Alright, I’ll sit. 

권승찬:내가 특별히 양보했데이.

I’m giving you the seat. It’s especially for you. 

김시은:뭘 처웃노?

What are you laughing at??


Because I’m happy.

Expression of the Week

좋아서 because I’m happy

좋다 – adj. good, great, excellent

Casual – 좋아서 

Semi-polite/polite – 좋아서요 

>>[좋다] is an adjective to describe something or a situation that one is happy about or satisfied about

>>[~아서] is a connective ending used for a reason or cause. So, [좋아서] means because (I’m) happy or satisfied (about something)

>>When Si-eun is asking Seung-chan why he’s laughing, he’s telling her that he is laughing because he is content, satisfied and happy that she is sitting in the seat that he has given up for her.

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