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On the Way to the Airport (2) 오버하지마

#Drama Lines l 2021-09-06


혜진: 소문대로 멋지다. 

Hye-jin: He’s fabulous, just like they said.

주현: 와이프가 승무원이래. 

Joo-hyun: His wife is a flight attendant.

혜진: 누구? 

Hye-jin: Who?

주현: 모르지 평범하대. 존재감 제로. 

Joo-hyun: I’m not sure. They say she’s average, doesn’t have much presence. 

수아: 먼저 가보겠습니다. 

Soo-ah: I’m off now. 

미진: 너네 둘. 

Mi-jin: You two.

주현: 네?

Joo-hyun: Yes?

미진: 그래 관두자. 

Mi-jin: Let’s stop here. 

주현: 혹시 송선배님이 박기장님의?

Joo-hyun: Are you Mr. Park’s…?

미진: 아닙니다. 

Mi-jin: No. 

수아: 오버하지마.

Soo-jin: Don’t overreact. 

미진: 니가 평범하다 그래서 발끈한거 아니야. 

박진석 멋있다고 그래서 발끈한거지.

Mi-jin: I didn’t fly off the handle because they said you were average. 

I was insulted because they said Park Jin-seok was fabulous.


Expression of the Week

오버하지마 (don’t overreact)

오버 – comes from the English word “over” 

오버하다 – v. to overdo, go over, exceed, exaggerate, embellish

Casual – 오버하지마

>> “오버하다” is a combination of the English word “over” and the verb “하다” which means “to do.” It is a colloquial expression that is used often in speech. 

>>This expression is used by a speaker when they think the other person’s actions are exaggerated or goes over a certain limit. 

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