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Doctor Prisoner (8) 얼굴 좀 보자

#Drama Lines l 2022-01-17


정의식: 이거 뭐 하는 친구야. 

Jung Eui-sik: What does this guy do? 

검사보: 방문록엔 의사로 기입 돼 있습니다.

Assistant: On the visitor’s log he’s filled himself in as a doctor. 

정의식: 이 새끼 봐라. 병원 어디로 갈지 정하고 임검 날짜 잡아서 통보해. 

나이제, 너 얼굴 좀 보자.

Jung: Look at this jerk. Decide on which hospital to go to, get an official inspection date and let him know. Na Yi-je, let’s get a look at your face.

Expression of the Week

얼굴 좀 보자. (Let’s get a look at your face.)

얼굴 – n. face 

보다 – v. see 

Casual – 얼굴 좀 보자

>>This expression is often used when you’ve known someone for a long time but haven’t seen them in a while and you are speaking to them on the phone. You say, “얼굴 좀 보자” meaning “let’s meet up (in person) soon.”  

>>However, in the dialogue, Jung is using the expression to mean he wants to get a look at Na Yi-je’s face to see what kind of doctor he is (and maybe give him a piece of his mind).

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