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Police University (11) 그게 무슨 소리야?

#Drama Lines l 2022-05-09


오강희: 그게 무슨 소리야?

똑바로 말해. 그게 무슨 소리냐고!

Kang-hee: What are you talking about?

Don’t beat around the bush. What are you saying?

노범태: 나랑 통화 중이었는데 갑자기 긴급체포라면서 선호를... 

Beom-tae: I was on the phone with him, and suddenly they said it was an emergency arrest and took Seon-ho… 

Expression of the Week

그게 무슨 소리야? (What are you talking about?)

무슨 – adj. what on earth

소리 - 

Casual – 그게 무슨 소리야?

Polite – 그게 무슨 소리예요?

>> ‘무슨’ is an adjective that is used to emphasize one’s dissatisfaction with something unexpected. 

>>This expression is often used when someone has said something unexpected, or something that is hard to believe, and the speaker is asking about what has been said. In most cases, the expression is used to emphasized that what the speaker has heard is nonsensical and ridiculous.  

>>Another way to use the expression in a polite form to someone that the speaker may not know well is “지금 무슨 말씀을 하고 계시는 겁니까?” Notice that ‘말’ has been changed to the honorific form ‘말씀’. 

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