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Red Shoes (9) 내가 왜?

#Drama Lines l 2022-08-01


희경: 이건 돈이야. 모자라면 달라는 대로 더 줄 테니까 군소리 말고 떠나.

Hee-kyung: Here’s the money. If you need more, I’ll give it to you, so just leave quietly.

젬마: 싫은데요. 내가 왜?

Gem-ma: I don’t want to. Why should I? 

희경: 뭐? 

Hee-kyung: What? 

젬마: 로라를 주세요. 그럼 떠날게요. 

Gem-ma: Give me Rora. Then, I’ll leave. 

희경: 미친. 끝까지 가보겠다는 거야 지금? 

Hee-kyung: Are you crazy? You want to fight until the end? 

Expression of the Week

내가 왜 (Why should I)

아무것 – n. anything; something that is not definite

나 – postpositional particle used to indicate that something or someone includes all of the choices

Casual – 아무거나

Semi-polite – 아무거나요

>> This expression is an abbreviated form of “내가 왜 그래야 하는데?” which is literally translated as “Why should I have to do that?” The “그래야 하는데” (have to do that or be like that) part has been omitted. 

>>This expression is used when asking the other party why the speaker should do something that the other party has ordered or asked them to do, or spoken about. 

>>In the dialogue, Gem-ma is objecting to Hee-kyung’s order for her to leave quietly, asking why should do that. 

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