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Young Lady & Gentleman (7) 못 잡아먹어서 안달이야?



동필: 박사장님. 그쪽만 쓸지 말고 

빗자루 든 김에 이쪽도 좀 쓸어요. 여기 구석구석.

나도 그쪽까지 매일 쓸었거든요.

Dong-pil: Mr. Park, don’t just sweep that side. 

While you’re sweeping, sweep this side, too. Sweep thoroughly. 

I swept all the way these corners every day.

수철: 아 예, 알겠습니다.

Soo-chul: Ah, yes. Alright. 

용필: 너는 어째 심보가 그러냐? 어제 오픈한 집이라 바빠 죽겠는데 도와주지는 못할 망정. 

니가 그래서 장가를 못 가는 겨. 맘을 곱게 써야 장가를 갈 거 아니냐고. 

Yong-pil: Why are you so mean? You can’t even help when you know they’re so busy after opening yesterday. That’s why no one will marry you. You have to be nice to find a wife. 

동필: 아니 어째 형은 맨 날 나만 못 잡아먹어서 안달이야?

Dong-pil: Why are you always picking on me? 

Expression of the Week

못 잡아먹어서 안달이야? (Why are you always picking on me?)

잡아먹다 – v. tease; nag; to pester or harass someone

안달 – n. fretting; impatience, the state of being worried and impatient about something

Casual – 못 잡아먹어서 안달이야 

>> The most basic meaning of “잡아먹다” is to “kill and eat” and this expression is used when someone says or does something that the speaker does not like very much, and the speaker is asking why the other person is picking on them, like a predator is picking on its prey. 

>>The expression can be said directly to another person, but it can also be said under one’s breath.

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