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Young Lady & Gentleman (8) 뭘 이정도 가지고



단단: 이제 다 된 거 같으니까 불 켜 볼까?

Dan-dan: I think it’s all done. Why don’t we turn on the lights?

재니: 네. 

와 너무 예쁘다.. 선생님! 이거 꼭 우리 집 같지 않아요?

Jenny: Yes.

It’s so pretty. Ms. Park! Doesn’t it look like our house?

단단: 그러게 너무 예쁘다.

Dan-dan: Yes. It’s really pretty. 

재니: 아빠 고마워.

Jenny: Thanks, Dad! 

영국: 뭘 이정도 가지고.

Young-guk: Oh, it’s nothing. 

재니: 아빠 짱! 

Jenny: Dad, you’re the best! 

Expression of the Week

뭘 이정도 가지고. (it’s nothing.)

뭘 – interjection; no problem; piece of cake; an exclamation used as a humble response to someone’s praise or gratitude for something, indicating that the person should think nothing of it 

정도 – n. degree; a quantity or level that represents the nature or value of something in terms of the degree of goodness or intensity 

가지고 – v. an expression used to indicate that the preceding statement has become the object of something

Casual – 뭘 이정도 가지고 

>> This expression is used by a speaker to express that they did not do anything too great when the other person expresses their gratitude for something they did. 

>>In the dialogue, Young-guk is using the expression to say that what he has done is not a big deal. 

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