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Veterans Assoc. Protests Roh's NLL Remark

Veterans Assoc. Protests Roh's NLL Remark

The Korea Veterans Association has expressed deep concern over President Roh Moo-hyun& 039 s description of the Northern Limit Line (NLL) as a line that only marks the limit of South Korean Naval operations.

The association issued a report Friday in which it called his statement no different from Pyongyang’s position on the disputed maritime border. North Korea does not officially recognize the NLL, arguing that it was set by U.S.-led United Nations forces in 1953 without its agreement.

The veterans group called on the president to explain to the public what he meant by such remarks, saying that they could be seen as giving into Pyongyang’s claims.

The association stressed that the NLL issue must be addressed prudently through talks among concerned parties after the two Koreas build military trust and reduce arms.

During a luncheon Thursday, Mr. Roh said calling the NLL a western sea border between the two Koreas misleads the public. Instead, he said, it should be viewed as the line that marks the limit of the South Korean Navy& 039 s operations.

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