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Expert Suggests North Fired 3 Projectiles, Not 2

Expert Suggests North Fired 3 Projectiles, Not 2

Speculation has emerged that North Korea fired three projectiles on Tuesday, contrary to military analysis that it fired only two. 

A senior analyst at the Korea Defense and Security Forum cited pictures revealed on Wednesday by North Korea's Rodong Sinmum of a transporter erector launcher(TEL).

Shin Jong-woo said as the pictures show that the bottom covers of three launch tubes on the TEL were missing, it could be assumed the North fired three projectiles, not two.

A South Korean military official reaffirmed on Wednesday that the North fired two projectiles the previous day, but added that further analysis is needed. 

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday that the North fired two short-range projectiles from its western region toward the east, saying they flew a maximum of 330 kilometers.

But government sources said on Wednesday that one of the two projectiles fell inland, instead of its target in the East Sea.

[Photo : KBS]

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