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2.4 Magnitude Earthquake Reported Near Kilchu, N. Korea

2.4 Magnitude Earthquake Reported Near Kilchu, N. Korea

A two-point-four magnitude earthquake was reported in North Korea's North Hamgyong Province late Friday.

The epicenter, northwest of Kilchu County, is just one kilometer from the site where North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test in September 2017.

The test at the time generated a five-point-seven magnitude artificial earthquake, the strongest tremor triggered by nuclear testing in North Korea on record believed to be two-point-five times more powerful than the atomic bomb that hit Nagasaki during World War Two.

South Korea's Korea Meteorological Administration said that it closely analyzed Friday's quake due to the location near the sixth nuclear test site but found it was a naturally occurring earthquake and not an artificial one.

[Photo : Getty Images Bank]

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