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UNSC Fails to Adopt Statement on N. Korea Missile Tests

UNSC Fails to Adopt Statement on N. Korea Missile Tests

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting Friday on North Korea's recent missile tests, but failed to agree on a joint statement.

Citing diplomats, AFP news agency said the closed door meeting lasted just over an hour but Russia and China said this was not the time for a public statement and that they needed more time to analyse the situation.

The meeting was requested by the U.S., Britain and France following North Korea's statement earlier this week that it tested a new hypersonic glide missile.

The meeting originally scheduled for Thursday was delayed to Friday as Russia and China asked for more time to examine the situation.

Regarding the fact that eight months after taking office, the Biden administration has yet to come up with a clear North Korea strategy, the AFP quoted an ambassador from a Security Council member state as saying that Washington says it is still studying the dossier and related materials.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jenn Psaki said Friday the U.S. is aware of and continues to assess the recent missile launches to confirm the type of missiles involved.

She said the U.S. made specific proposals for talks with the North but has not received a response. It remains prepared to discuss the full range of issues with Pyongyang.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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